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Changelog - eazyBI for Confluence
eazyBI for Confluence

eazyBI for Confluence Cloud is updated automatically and you always have the latest version.

We recommend using the latest version of eazyBI for Confluence Data Center to get the latest features and bug fixes.

7.1.1  /  Released Feb 07, 2024

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed "Expand all" when multiple hierarchy levels are used in a report.
  • Allow showing full non-truncated names in pie charts.
  • Fixed rendering of charts in hidden browser windows or tabs.
  • Fixed gauge chart export to PDF.
  • Fixed editing of user-defined calculated members with percentage formatting.
  • Fixed PreviousRowValue MDX function when it is used by several calculated measures.
  • Allow specifying source ID column in data mapping without mapping it to a dimension.
  • Fixed handling and termination of getDocument and postDocument callbacks in custom JavaScript code.
  • Synchronize large ClickHouse OLAP DWH database inserts to minimize "memory limit exceeded" errors.
  • Fixed sending of import error emails to users that authorized import.

7.1.0  /  Released Jan 22, 2024

New in this release:

  • Select the dark theme for embedded reports.
  • Improved latest report and dashboard updates on the home page.
  • Show the last import status and time for reports in the Analyze tab and dashboard subscription emails.

Fixed in this release:

  • Improved performance of cell formatting using MDX expressions in large reports.
  • Fixed drill through into standard calculation "empty as 0".
  • Fixed the columns' total when a measure is drilled into another dimension or when using date and numeric measures.
  • Fixed report execution with references to missing dimension members.
  • Fixed horizontal table scrolling in dashboards.
  • Fixed some Gantt chart rendering bugs.
  • Fixed showing of the Bubble button in scatter charts.
  • Fixed unexpected reloading of dashboard reports when opening popup menus.
  • Prevent usage of getDocument callbacks within other getDocument calls (which cause performance problems) in custom JavaScript code.
  • Fixed Google Sheets import if data are deleted.
  • Fixed validation of unsupported source file formats.
  • Fixed several data mapping problems.
  • Fixed updating of data access roles after renaming a cube.
  • Fixed some report results export API problems.
  • Fixed conditional alert email cell text color.
  • Fixed conditional alert with report-specific measures in conditional MDX formulas.
  • Fixed conditional alerts in Gantt charts.
  • Several ClickHouse OLAP DWH database synchronization improvements and fixes.
  • PostgreSQL JDBC driver updated to a later version without known vulnerabilities.
  • Restored support for older CentOS or RedHat 7 Linux versions.
  • Fixed validation of a database name in SQL import to avoid injection of vulnerable additional JDBC URL parameters.
  • Fixed MySQL time zone conversion errors (HOUR_OF_DAY error) during source data import.
  • Prevent closing of active database connection pool connections ("Lock request time out period exceeded" error) during source data import.
  • Fixed SQL import error when using a Generic JDBC driver.
  • Fixed source data imports that remain in the "Canceling" state indefinitely.
  • Fixed eazyBI initialization when using MS SQL and a non-default user schema.
  • Fixed Oracle database connection when using a SID name.
  • Fixed eazyBI random initialization error that caused "Invalid cube query" errors.
  • Fixed Server-to-Cloud migration error on Windows when local file paths are too long.

7.0.1  /  Released Jul 19, 2023

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed testing and sending of dashboard email subscriptions and report alert emails.
  • Fixed data access role limitations in drill-through results.
  • Fixed showing of MS SQL database type in SQL import.
  • Fixed use of encrypted database password.

7.0.0  /  Released Jun 30, 2023

New in this release:

  • Conditional report alerts.
  • Administer dashboard email subscriptions of other users.
  • Improved Time weekly and fiscal hierarchies, define calculated Time hierarchy.
  • Markers for selected chart options.
  • Select member display name (with or without key, truncate or not) in scatter charts.
  • Improved storing of drill into level actions in report definitions.
  • New JavaScript function getCachedDocument.
  • New MDX function CalculatedChildrenSet
  • Revalidate invalid measures after full data re-import.
  • Use ClickHouse OLAP DWH database to improve report performance in large accounts.
  • Encrypt eazybi.toml database password with a key from a file.
  • Font Awesome upgraded to version 6.3.0.
  • Removed support for Confluence 6.x.
  • Support headless Google Chrome 110 and later versions on the server for PDF export.
  • Old jTDS JDBC driver replaced with MS SQL JDBC driver.
  • Removed support for Internet Explorer 11.
  • Comic style reports and charts for Confluence Cloud and Data Center.

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed overlapping long pie chart labels.
  • Fixed data label positioning to be the same in bar and line charts.
  • Fixed decimal percentage formatting to be the same in all chart types.
  • Improved performance of drill through dimension level.
  • Improved performance of Mondrian schema generation for large data cubes.
  • Fixed time ago and sparklines standard calculations for Time dimension calculated members.
  • Fixed Abs and Round MDX functions when using PostgreSQL.
  • Fixed nonempty reports with missing measures or dimension members.
  • Fixed use of saved dashboard common pages in dashboard macros.
  • Improved case-insensitive name uniqueness validation of user-defined and report-specific calculated members.
  • Fixed several custom data mapping problems.
  • Fixed several database migrator problems.
  • Fixed several problems in dashboard export to PDF.
  • Fixed some child process startup problems.
  • Fixed releasing of some unused database connections.
  • Fixed restarting of canceled import jobs during Data Center node startup

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