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eazyBI for Jira

eazyBI for Jira Cloud and eazyBI Cloud is always up to date with the latest features.

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July 2024

  • Import the Parent field and build the Parent hierarchy in Issue dimension by default.
  • New Xray measures for Xray Test Runs created first and last dates

June 2024

May 2024

  • AI assistants for building reports, writing MDX calculations, and writing JavaScript for calculated custom fields.
  • Arrange eazyBI dashboards in folders.

April 2024

  • Audit log to record changes in reports, dashboards, calculated members, accounts, source cubes, and access rights changes for account users.
  • Program, portfolio, and release data from Jira Align.
  • New function FuturePeriods().

March 2024

  • A new dimension for Compas Components.
  • Renamed Advanced Roadmaps to Plans.

February 2024

January 2024

December 2023

  • Data from Time to SLA.
  • Use the dark theme in Jira wallboard gadgets, embedded reports, or when using the Jira DarkTheme app.

August 2023

June 2023

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