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Changelog - eazyBI for Jira
eazyBI for Jira

eazyBI for Jira Cloud is always up to date. See the list of features here: Latest features on Cloud

We recommend using the latest version of eazyBI for Jira Server and Data Center to get the latest features and bug fixes.

7.1.1  /  Released Feb 07, 2024

Fixed in this release:

  • Support for Jira 9.13.
  • Fixed total rows calculation when the "Issues created count" measure is used.
  • Fixed "Expand all" when multiple hierarchy levels are used in a report.
  • Allow showing full non-truncated names in pie charts.
  • Fixed rendering of charts in hidden browser windows or tabs.
  • Fixed gauge chart export to PDF.
  • Fixed editing of user-defined calculated members with percentage formatting.
  • Fixed PreviousRowValue MDX function when it is used by several calculated measures.
  • Retry Jira imports if the Jira index is not available.
  • Fixed Assets import when using Oracle database and AQL filter.
  • Fixed Tempo Planner import when planned hours are missing.
  • Allow specifying source ID column in data mapping without mapping it to a dimension.
  • Fixed handling and termination of getDocument and postDocument callbacks in custom JavaScript code.
  • Synchronize large ClickHouse OLAP DWH database inserts to minimize "memory limit exceeded" errors.
  • Fixed sending of import error emails to users that authorized import.

7.1.0  /  Released Jan 22, 2024

New in this release:

  • Import Time to SLA app metrics.
  • Show additional (previously hidden) DevOps data dimensions (Pull Request, Environment, Release, Deployment, Build).
  • Limit imported DevOps data history.
  • Enable or disable JSM Assets object history and connected Jira issues import.
  • Use the dark theme in Jira wallboard gadgets or when using the Jira DarkTheme app.
  • Select the dark theme for embedded reports.
  • Add custom hierarchies for Xray, Zephyr Squad, and Zephyr Scale dimensions.
  • Improved latest report and dashboard updates on the home page.
  • Show the last import status and time for reports in the Analyze tab and dashboard subscription emails.
  • Use issue description, creator, votes, and watches in custom JavaScript calculated fields.

Fixed in this release:

  • Improved performance of drill through into Issues history and Hours spent measures.
  • Improved performance of cell formatting using MDX expressions in large reports.
  • Fixed drill through into standard calculation "empty as 0".
  • Fixed drill through into linked issue field dimensions.
  • Fixed the columns' total when a measure is drilled into another dimension or when using date and numeric measures.
  • Fixed report execution with references to missing dimension members.
  • Fixed horizontal table scrolling in dashboards.
  • Fixed some Gantt chart rendering bugs.
  • Fixed showing of the Bubble button in scatter charts.
  • Fixed unexpected reloading of dashboard reports when opening popup menus.
  • Several custom field settings dialog improvements.
  • Fixed custom field interval settings validation.
  • Prevent usage of getDocument callbacks within other getDocument calls (which cause performance problems) in custom JavaScript code.
  • Fixed several JSM Assets import problems.
  • Fixed several Xray import problems.
  • Fixed Projectrack empty field values import problems.
  • Fixed import of Bamboo deployments.
  • Fixed several linked field import problems.
  • Fixed Google Sheets import if data are deleted.
  • Fixed validation of unsupported source file formats.
  • Fixed several data mapping problems.
  • Fixed updating of data access roles after renaming a cube.
  • Fixed some report results export API problems.
  • Fixed conditional alert email cell text color.
  • Fixed conditional alert with report-specific measures in conditional MDX formulas.
  • Fixed conditional alerts in Gantt charts.
  • Several ClickHouse OLAP DWH database synchronization improvements and fixes.
  • PostgreSQL JDBC driver updated to a later version without known vulnerabilities.
  • Restored support for older CentOS or RedHat 7 Linux versions.
  • Fixed validation of a database name in SQL import to avoid injection of vulnerable additional JDBC URL parameters.

7.0.2  /  Released Nov 30, 2023

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed Tempo worklog import error when no time zone is set.
  • Fixed MySQL time zone conversion errors (HOUR_OF_DAY error) during source data import.
  • Prevent closing of active database connection pool connections ("Lock request time out period exceeded" error) during source data import.
  • Fixed errors when importing large JSM Assets data ("Communications link failure" error).
  • Fixed Xray calculated members error when a field name contains a single quote.
  • Fixed Projectrack import error when the user type field references a deleted user.
  • Fixed SQL import error when using a Generic JDBC driver.
  • Fixed several Jenkins import errors.
  • Fixed source data imports that remain in the "Canceling" state indefinitely.
  • Fixed calculated field custom JavaScript code test in some specific cases.
  • Fixed deletion of some import-specific custom fields while saving import options.
  • Fixed eazyBI initialization when using MS SQL and a non-default user schema.
  • Fixed Oracle database connection when using a SID name.
  • Fixed eazyBI random initialization error that caused "Invalid cube query" errors.
  • Fixed Server-to-Cloud migration error on Windows when local file paths are too long.

7.0.1  /  Released Jul 19, 2023

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed import of Jira worklog dates when using the default server time zone in import options.
  • Fixed testing and sending of dashboard email subscriptions and report alert emails.
  • Fixed import from Bitbucket when there are more than 50 projects.
  • Fixed data access role limitations in drill-through results.
  • Fixed showing of MS SQL database type in SQL import.
  • Fixed Jira import on Oracle which failed when updating table column data types.
  • Fixed use of encrypted database password.

7.0.0  /  Released Jun 30, 2023

New in this release:

  • Conditional report alerts.
  • Administer dashboard email subscriptions of other users.
  • New Days assigned and Workdays assigned measures.
  • Improved Time weekly and fiscal hierarchies, define calculated Time hierarchy.
  • Markers for selected chart options.
  • Select member display name (with or without key, truncate or not) in scatter charts.
  • Improved storing of drill into level actions in report definitions.
  • New JavaScript function getCachedDocument.
  • New MDX function CalculatedChildrenSet
  • Revalidate invalid measures after full data re-import.
  • Log and display issue key for which custom JavaScript code failed during the import.
  • Renamed Insight to JSM Assets.
  • Use AQL to limit imported JSM Assets objects.
  • Additional DevOps measures Builds successful and Builds failed.
  • Renamed DevOps measures from "Average Mean ..." to "Average ...".
  • Use ClickHouse OLAP DWH database to improve report performance in large accounts.
  • Encrypt eazybi.toml database password with a key from a file.
  • Font Awesome upgraded to version 6.3.0.
  • Support Jira 9.8 and later versions, removed support for Jira 7.x.
  • Support headless Google Chrome 110 and later versions on the server for PDF export.
  • Old jTDS JDBC driver replaced with MS SQL JDBC driver.
  • Removed support for Internet Explorer 11.
  • Comic style reports and charts for Jira Cloud and Data Center.

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed overlapping long pie chart labels.
  • Fixed data label positioning to be the same in bar and line charts.
  • Fixed decimal percentage formatting to be the same in all chart types.
  • Improved performance of drill through dimension level.
  • Improved performance of Mondrian schema generation for large data cubes.
  • Fixed drill through worklogs when CurrentUser is used or page selection contains a missing member.
  • Fixed time ago and sparklines standard calculations for Time dimension calculated members.
  • Fixed Abs and Round MDX functions when using PostgreSQL.
  • Fixed nonempty reports with missing measures or dimension members.
  • Fixed use of saved dashboard common pages in dashboard gadgets.
  • Improved case-insensitive name uniqueness validation of user-defined and report-specific calculated members.
  • Update duplicate user dimension and several other dimension members with unique names after the data import.
  • Fixed several JSM Assets import problems.
  • Fixed several Advanced roadmaps import problems.
  • Fixed import of private board sprints.
  • Fixed several Tempo import problems.
  • Fixed several Xray import problems and performance.
  • Fixed several Zephyr Scale import problems.
  • Fixed Elements Connect import problem.
  • Fixed several Jenkins import problems.
  • Fixed several Jira custom field settings dialog problems.
  • Fixed several custom data mapping problems.
  • Fixed several database migrator problems.
  • Fixed several problems in dashboard export to PDF.
  • Fixed some child process startup problems.
  • Fixed releasing of some unused database connections.
  • Fixed restarting of canceled import jobs during Data Center node startup.

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