eazyBI for Jira Cloud is updated automatically; you always have the latest version.

We recommend using the the latest version of eazyBI app for Jira Server to get the best out of the tool.

4.6.1  /  Released Aug 23, 2018

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed starting of manual source application imports on Jira Data Center.
  • Show warning messages when no dedicated eazyBI node is selected on Jira Data Center.
  • Improved re-import of individual issues during Jira incremental imports.
  • Fixed canceling of long imports which caused that several import jobs of the same source application were started in parallel.
  • Fixed data access role definition when a specified hierarchy member did not exist anymore.
  • Ignore issues with invalid project information during Jira import.
  • Fixed calculated measures with project properties when using the Project by category hierarchy.
  • Fixed import of the default Portfolio hierarchy.
  • Fixed import of inherited Insight attributes.
  • Fixed report request profiling of SQL queries on the MS SQL database.

4.6.0  /  Released Aug 10, 2018

New in this release:

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed report execution on MS SQL when special Unicode characters used as dimension member names.
  • Fixed starting of the headless Google Chrome for PDF export when the sandbox mode is not supported.
  • Fixed import of ATM Test Case with a long name.
  • Fixed import of ATM on Oracle with non-standard date format.
  • Fixed import of Insight text and user attributes.
  • Fixed go to source URLs for issues in the Insight cube.
  • Fixed Profields custom fields import when project categories are selected.
  • Fixed import of Zephyr tests that are removed from test cycles.
  • Fixed incremental import of Zephyr scheduled tests.
  • Do not show eazyBI gadgets on a system dashboard for unauthenticated users.
  • Allow eazyBI access to Jira Service Desk customer users.
  • Fixed sending of messages between Jira Data Center nodes when large node names are used.
  • Fixed import of decimal custom fields for issues with multiple fix versions.
  • Improved incremental import performance when large number of sprints exists.
  • Improved Jira import options page performance when there are large number of available projects.

4.5.4  /  Released May 1, 2018

Fixed in this release:

  • Improved database connection pool handling during Jira import to use fewer database connections.
  • Fixed map chart icons in eazyBI gadgets on Jira dashboards.
  • Fixed creation of a custom issues hierarchy when using an issue priority level.
  • Fixed drill through worklogs when using a custom issues hierarchy.
  • Fixed incremental import of project name changes and board and sprint deletions.
  • Fixed eazyBI initialization on Windows servers with a long Jira home directory path.
  • Reduced amount of error messages that were written to the eazybi-child.out file.
  • Improved logging of database connection test errors.
  • Fixed download of all log files from the Troubleshooting page to include only eazyBI log files.

4.5.3  /  Released Mar 27, 2018

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed scrolling of the eazyBI account selection list when publishing eazyBI gadgets.
  • Fixed eazyBI startup on all Jira Data Center nodes if HTTPS is used for the Jira Tomcat server.
  • Do not cancel scheduled import jobs when the background jobs queue is paused.
  • Fixed import of issue custom fields with the new "Insight Object/s" type introduced in Insight 5.4.
  • Fixed import of Insight attributes with a select list type.
  • Fixed showing of available Tempo common custom fields when Tempo Timesheets is not installed.
  • Support for PostgreSQL 10 as an eazyBI database.

4.5.2  /  Released Mar 21, 2018

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed showing of available Profields custom fields.
  • Fixed check_calculated_value advanced setting handling for Profields.
  • Fixed error handling when no Jira Data Center dedicated node is selected.
  • Fixed Story Points change calculation when Story Points and Sprint are changed together.
  • Fixed Zephyr data import on Oracle when upgrading from previous versions.
  • Detect byte order mark characters in uploaded files.

4.5.1  /  Released Mar 12, 2018

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed slow import and deadlock errors on MS SQL Server.
  • Fixed Sprint data import on Oracle.
  • Fixed Zephyr defects import.

4.5.0  /  Released Mar 6, 2018

New in this release:

  • Improved Jira import options page:
    • separate tabs for options groups,
    • select Jira project categories,
    • separate Agile and Service Desk custom field selection,
    • separate Add-on tab with options and custom fields from supported add-ons.
  • Improved new source application selection page.
  • Jira Data Center support improvements – select dedicated nodes, where eazyBI child process and data import jobs are executed.
  • Zephyr Test Management import improvements.
  • Xray Test Management version 3.0 support.
  • New breadcrumb links in the Analyze report editor for opening cube or folder reports.
  • Display only issue key or issue summary in table reports and all chart types.
  • Include drilled into members in CSV and Excel results export.
  • Labels with different uppercase or lowercase spelling are grouped together in the Label dimension.
  • Import Sprint Goal property.
  • Use console.log in custom JavaScript code for debugging purposes.

Fixed in this release:

  • Improved full re-import performance when only some additional data (e.g. custom field) should be added.
  • Improved Gantt chart export to PDF.
  • Fixed export of drill through issues into CSV and Excel.
  • Fixed generation fo database table and column names for additional data with special Unicode characters in column names.
  • Fixed access authorization for embedded reports with an access token.
  • Several fixes for Sprint and Story Points history import.
  • Several fixes for Adaptavist Test Management and Xray Test Management data import.
  • Fixed import of numeric attributes from Insight Asset Management.
  • Update Tempo Account, Category, Customer custom fields for all issues when they are changed.
  • Do not send emails when the email service is disabled in Jira.
  • System administrators can access also all reports which as saved as "private".
  • System administrators can administer data access roles for folders and dashboards in all accounts.

4.4.1  /  Released Nov 29, 2017

New in this release:

  • New MDX functions getLinkedMembergetLinkedMemberNamegetLinkedMembersgetLinkedMemberNames
    (used in default Insight object property formulas).

Fixed in this release:

  • Improved initial Jira import performance when change history import is selected.
  • Fixed showing of all available data access roles to admins when editing a folder or a dashboard.
  • Fixed dashboard report rendering on smaller window sizes.
  • Fixed selection of allowed actions in gadget parameters.
  • Fixed showing of a calculated width and height in an embedded iframe options dialog.
  • Hide a folder edit action if the current user cannot edit it.
  • Fixed error handling when renaming a cube.
  • Hide cube empty and delete actions if the current user does not have rights to do them.
  • Fixed detection of headless Google Chrome on Linux.
  • Fixed Insight import bugs:
    • Do not try to select removed "editable" property for an object type attribute.
    • Fixed import of large old and new values from object history when using Oracle.
    • Fixed import of a large issue summary field value.
    • Renamed Transition Status and Transition dimensions to Object Transition Status and Object Transition to avoid conflicts with Jira import in the same account.
    • Added support for all Insight custom field types in Jira import.
    • Added additional Objects with transitions to / from status measures.

4.4.0  /  Released Nov 3, 2017

New in this release:

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed import of specific worklog comments when using PostgreSQL.
  • Use tcpKeepAlive for PostgreSQL connections to avoid cancelling of database sessions by firewalls.
  • Fixed validation of long custom dimension names.
  • Set larger sort_buffer_size for MySQL database sessions.
  • Fixed deletion of many project components on Oracle and MS SQL.
  • Fixed filtering of report rows when using multiple page selections.
  • Fixed ordering of Time Weekly hierarchy day members in some reports.
  • Do not delete calculated members when there are database connection problems.
  • Fixed importing of renamed issue statuses, types, priorities, and resolutions from changelogs.
  • Fixed import of Service Desk Customer Request Type and Organization custom fields.
  • Fixed import of issue Sprint statuses in some specific cases.
  • Improved performance of some Jira data import steps.
  • Improved performance of Zephyr data import.
  • Fixed display of vertical lines in timeline area charts.
  • Fixed display of full member names in chart labels.
  • Fix that only Jira dashboard owners can change eazyBI gadget settings.

4.3.2  /  Released Jul 5, 2017

New in this release:

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed REST API multi-page data import when using custom JavaScript code.
  • Fixed XML document handling in REST API import (support for multiple XML nodes with the same name).
  • Import also unscheduled Zephyr test cycles.
  • Fixed grouping of vertical bar chart labels in gadgets.
  • Fixed import problems on MS SQL when database default collation was changed.
  • Fixed worklogs import on PostgreSQL when using some specific keywords in worklog comments.
  • Fixed getting an nFeed custom field display value using the latest Java API.

4.3.1  /  Released Jun 8, 2017

New in this release:

  • Group labels in vertical bar charts if multiple dimensions are used is rows
    (similar to how previously labels were grouped in horizontal bar charts).
  • Bubble type option in bar, line, and timeline charts – display the first measure on Y-axis and use the second measure for the bubble size.
  • Additional Sprint Story Points completed measure
    (which can be used instead of Story Points resolved measure if some completed stories are not marked as resolved).
  • getDocument function in REST API import custom JavaScript code for requesting additional data from another REST API end-point.

Fixed in this release:

  • Several fixes for import of sprint scope changes.
  • Several fixes to avoid full re-import when incremental import should be performed.
  • Fixed removal of custom field tables on Oracle.
  • Fixed import of issues with many sprint changes on Oracle.
  • Fixed import of issues with a missing initial issue type value.
  • Fixed import of duplicate issue types, priorities, resolutions (additional ID value will be added to the display name).
  • Do not overlap "Reset scale" button with a chart legend.
  • Display future vertical line markers in a timeline chart.
  • Fixed usage of Jira base URL during PDF export (when using phantomjs utility).
  • Fixed plugin initialization problems on some Windows configurations.

4.3.0  /  Released May 22, 2017

New in this release:

  • Improved Jira Software data import (improved tracking of sprint scope changes and new sample reports).
  • Maximize calculated member formula definition dialog.
  • Exclude expanded higher level rows from the total calculation.
  • Import changes of additional Jira standard fields (priorityissue typeresolution).
    Historical dimension field values are shown when using the Issues history calculated measure.
  • Additional axes options for scatter charts.
  • Support for Profields scripted fields.
  • Use non-working days from Time dimension options when displaying a Gantt chart.
  • Improved the page selection dropdown (by default the All member is expanded).
  • Export definition of all dashboards in the current account.
  • Security improvement – do not include stored passwords in settings and source data pages and in source application definition exports.

Fixed in this release:

  • Improved rendering of horizontal bar charts to avoid missing vertical axis labels.
  • Fixed pagination of a dashboard export to PDF when report descriptions are used.
  • Use local_rest_api advanced setting when exporting a dashboard to PDF.
  • Fixed REST API next page URL pagination when custom JavaScript code is used.
  • Do not restart the child process too early when the report query timeout is increased in advanced settings.
  • Migrate also report folders when using the eazyBI database migrator.
  • Fixed export of dashboard definitions with reports in folders.
  • Improved import performance of large number of report definitions.
  • Fixed several bugs related to the check_calculated_value advanced setting.
  • Fixed import of datetime properties in the current time zone of the Time dimension.

4.2.3  /  Released Mar 10, 2017

New in this release:

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed usage of a TNS alias for an Oracle database in the child process.
  • Re-render pie charts when resizing a window.

4.2.2  /  Released Feb 16, 2017

New in this release:

  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server with Microsoft JDBC driver (if an SSL database connection is required).
  • Xray integration improvements and sample reports.

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed export to PDF of table reports and Gantt charts.
  • Fixed import of deleted users in user dimensions.
  • Fixed drill through worklogs when using aggregated calculated members.
  • Fixed color picker rendering bugs.
  • Reconnect to PostgreSQL if a read-only connection is detected.
  • Fixed testing of database connection in the settings page and displaying of connection error messages.
  • Fixed Project Category hierarchy usage on Oracle.
  • Fixed support for custom fields of the latest nFeed version.
  • Jira users without an email address (when using external user directories) can access eazyBI.

4.2.1  /  Released Feb 2, 2017

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed import of custom date fields.
  • Fixed user dimensions with duplicate display names.
  • Fixed changing of chart font sizes on Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed truncation of long report headers in dashboards.
  • Fixed export to PDF of gauge charts.

4.2.0  /  Released Jan 25, 2017

New in this release:

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed several SSL connection and certificate validation problems.
  • Fixed formatting of drill through worklog hours as decimal numbers.
  • Improved positioning of popups in eazyBI gadgets.
  • Fixed proportional size of bubbles in a scatter chart.
  • Fixed removal of custom field columns in eazyBI when a custom field is unselected in import options.
  • Fixed import of issues which where changed from sub-tasks to parent issues.
  • Fixed update of duplicate display names in user dimensions.
  • Fixed import of custom fields with the Project Picker type.
  • Detect the Jira index unavailability exception during Jira import.
  • Fixed REST API XML import when using Java 8.
  • Try to refresh the REST API OAuth access token if expired.

4.1.2  /  Released Nov 17, 2016

New in this release:

  • Dashboard page URLs include dashboard ID
    (old dashboard URLs will also work after a dashboard page is renamed).

Fixed in this release:

  • Improved positioning of the "Drill across" popup with a large dimensions list.
  • Fixed errors when creating database columns for custom JavaScript custom fields with long names.
  • Fixed import of large project and component descriptions when using Oracle.
  • Fixed custom hierarchy creation errors when using PostgreSQL.
  • Fixed import of the Tempo Category custom field when Tempo Customer custom field is not selected.
  • Fixed the "Missing form token" error in dashboard gadgets in some specific web server configurations.
  • Increased dimension member name length in user dimensions (to handle long similar display names and usernames).
  • Fixed DateDiffDays and DateDiffWorkdays MDX functions to handle daylight saving time changes.

4.1.1  /  Released Oct 20, 2016

Fixed in this release:

  • Truncate too large worklog comments when using Oracle.
  • Fixed opening of reports when a cube name contains special characters.
  • Fixed import of custom cascading select field changes.
  • Fixed Gantt chart monthly view rendering.
  • Fixed cell formatting color selection visual styling.
  • Improved detection of out of memory errors in the child process  and restarting of it after several such errors.
  • Fixed detection of decimal number formatting in other language locales when exporting to Excel.

4.1.0  /  Released Oct 7, 2016

New in this release:

  • Organize reports in report folders in the Analyze tab.
  • New multi-color report type icons.
  • Export definitions of only filtered reports.
  • Import issue links as dimensions or properties.
  • Define additional Issue dimension hierarchies.
  • Drill through from hours spent into detailed worklog entries with comments.
  • Issues in transition status measure renamed to Issues history.
  • Improved initial Jira import (and full re-import) performance.
  • Improved support for nFeed multi-value custom fields.
  • Import Customer Request Type display names from Jira Service Desk.
  • Import the Flagged custom field as a dimension (including changes) from Jira Software.
  • Import calculated worklog custom fields.
  • Option to show vertical column headers.
  • Option to disable symbols in line charts.
  • Improved advanced options of source columns mapping when importing files, REST API, or SQL data source.
  • Improved Harvest data import and new Freshbooks data import.
  • Replaced MapQuest with Wikimedia maps in the map chart.
  • Removed support for Internet Explorer 9.

Fixed in this release:

  • Update Jira Software board names during each import.
  • Update sub-tasks during the incremental import if the corresponding parent issue is updated.
  • Add measure table primary indexes to support MySQL replication.
  • Fixed support of the Oracle 12c database server.
  • Fixed import of large number of Zephyr test cycles when using Oracle.
  • Improved recovery from database errors when too many custom fields are selected.
  • Close all database connections when disabling the add-on.
  • Fixed scheduling of incremental data imports each 10 minutes.
  • Delete old data during the incremental import if REST API or SQL data source does not return any data.
  • Fixed problems with report results export in some specific configurations.

4.0.4  /  Released Aug 24, 2016

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed import of Service Desk completed cycles breached / not breached statuses
    (in some cases initial statuses were not imported for some issues during the full re-import).
  • Fixed import of column headers with non-Latin characters from Google Spreadsheets.

4.0.3  /  Released Aug 15, 2016

New in this release:

  • Delete a range of unused dates in the Time dimension
    (in the Analyze tab / Time dimension / All hierarchy level members). 

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed loading of eazyBI gadgets in Confluence pages if the child process is enabled.
  • Fixed custom translations support in eazyBI gadgets in Confluence pages.
  • Fixed display of the last data import time in the dashboards
    (was not calculated correctly if the user and server time zones were different).

4.0.2  /  Released Aug 8, 2016

New in this release:

  • Added session and request references in eazybi-web.log
    (enables tracing of all requests from one user session).

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed broken Fix Version and Affects Version hierarchies when versions have descriptions.
  • Fixed horizontal scrolling of a Gantt chart when several dimensions are on rows.
  • Fixed "Delete missing" option in SQL and REST API data import.
  • Fixed Zephyr test execution date import problem (in some rare cases).
  • Remove user dashboard email subscriptions when a user is removed.
  • Fixed import of a multiple value custom field as a property when a large number of values is selected.
  • Fixed renaming of custom fields in advanced settings.
  • Fixed custom translations support in eazyBI gadgets on Jira dashboards.

4.0.1  /  Released Jun 7, 2016

New in this release:

  • Support for Tempo Timesheets 8.0 (fixed import of checkbox worklog attribute values).

Fixed in this release:

  • Improved performance of searching reports when there is a large number of reports in the Analyze tab.
  • Fixed the eazyBI database migration tool for renamed Jira users, as well as for missing users in the target database.
  • Fixed publishing of eazyBI gadgets on Confluence pages when Jira and Confluence are on the same server.
  • Fixed showing of data export icons in eazyBI gadgets on Confluence pages.
  • Fixed support for JavaScript calculated custom fields with uppercase names.
  • Fixed support for custom fields which use the logged in user from the Jira authentication context (for example, Secure Fields add-on).
  • Do not fail Jira import if there are references to missing users in issue data.
  • Fixed "Use SSL" option in SQL import from PostgreSQL database.
  • Several small fixes for visual styles in the user interface.

4.0.0  /  Released May 11, 2016

New in this release:

  • New improved UI design. There are many usability improvements in Analyze and Dashboards tabs and in gadget settings.
  • Publish eazyBI gadgets on Confluence pages when OAuth authentication is used for the application link
    (previously only trusted application links between Confluence and Jira were supported).
  • Add calculated member annotations using special comments.
  • Added check_calculated_value advanced setting for calculated custom fields.
  • Additional validations of custom field advanced settings.
  • Separate Import and Edit actions in the Source Data tab for Jira import.
  • Import Jira project, component, version description fields.
  • Always create Time dimension members for version start and end dates.
  • Add user interface customizations and custom chart types.
  • Added NonEmptyString MDX function.
  • Download a zip file of all log files from the Troubleshooting page.
  • Database migration tool for migrating all or selected accounts from one eazyBI database to another.

Fixed in this release:

  • Improved cancellation of long report queries after a timeout
    (cancellation of background threads that consumed CPU after a timeout).
  • Optimized Oracle database metadata queries (will reduce initial database schema setup time during the source data import).
  • Fixed import of user dimensions when users have the same display name as well as when a username is changed.
  • Fixed import of Zephyr test cycles with the same name.

  • Show last successful import time in the Analyze tab for the Issues cube (previously also failed import updated this timestamp).
  • Fixed rendering bug of lists of calculated members on Safari.

  • Fixed text styling for stacked bar chart labels.

3.4.3  /  Released Feb 24, 2016

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed a critical bug in the version 3.4.2 which could cause that Source Data tab and Analyze tab reports could not be opened.

  • Fixed startup of the child process on Windows when the system default temporary directory could not be accessed.
  • Improved cleanup of temporary files after eazyBI restart on Windows.
  • Improved performance of metadata SQL queries on Oracle.

  • Fixed imported data cleanup after unselecting calculated custom field in Jira import options.
  • Fixed opening of reports with saved bookmarked members from different dimension hierarchies.
  • Fixed drill through Issue from a table cell when some column members are drilled into a detailed level.
  • Fixed a problem that some other plugins could cause an error when selecting available Jira custom fields.

3.4.2  /  Released Feb 15, 2016

New in this release:

  • Support for Jira Core 7.1Jira Software 7.1, and Jira Service Desk 3.1.
  • Added Sprint complete date calculated measure.

Fixed in this release:

  • Restart the child process if there is a timeout from the child process request.

  • Restart the child process if the database connection is changed.

  • Restart the child process on all Jira Data Center nodes when the restart is initiated on one node.
  • Fixed support for Jira home directory on a Windows  \\server\share\directory_path UNC path when using the child process.
  • Changed eazyBI account database schema names to dwh_N on PostgreSQL and MS SQL
    (internal eazyBI database change that should not affect the functionality).

3.4.1  /  Released Jan 7, 2016

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed uploading of source files on Windows.

  • Do not use a proxy server for requests to the child process.
  • Allow Zephyr import when Jira is installed in a non-default MS SQL Server database schema.
  • Do not insert too long custom date field old values when a custom date field change import is selected.
  • Fixed loading of the dashboards page when dashboard name contains only special Unicode characters.
  • Reduced JVM PermGen memory usage when using custom JavaScript code in source data import.

3.4.0  /  Released Dec 7, 2015

New in this release:

  • Enable a separate JVM child process where eazyBI report queries are executed (to minimize performance impact on the main Jira JVM process).
    This is a recommended option for all large Jira Server instances.
  • Reduced JVM heap memory usage while importing a large number of Jira issues into eazyBI.
  • Reduced memory usage during import of large MySQL SELECT results.
  • Added the Issues with hours spent measure.
  • Import of additional Zephyr test cycle properties (description, build, environment, start and end dates).
  • Jira 5 is not supported anymore.

Fixed in this release:

  • Do not recreate measures table indexes when importing Zephyr data.

  • Ignore RUBYOPT environment variable which caused failure during eazyBI initialization.

3.3.1  /  Released Oct 19, 2015

New in this release:

Fixed in this release:

  • Improved "Drill through Issue" performance for calculated measures
    (when page selection is used to filter a smaller set of issues).

  • Fixed stacked timeline chart with a separate axis rendering.
  • Fixed import of deleted Zephyr test scheduled executions.

  • Fixed failing Zephyr import if no custom fields were selected.
  • Fixed installation on Oracle 10g.

3.3.0  /  Released Sep 28, 2015

New in this release:

  • Support for Jira version 7.0 (tested with the latest available pre-release version).

  • Jira Service Desk SLA custom fields import improvements, new measures and dimensions.
  • Added the Average closing days calculated measure.
  • Added the Transition from status first / last date measures.

  • Added the By status hierarchy for the Affects / Fix version dimensions (to get the totals by all Released or Unreleased versions).

  • Custom field dimensions and measures are grouped in the Analyze tab report builder. There are add-on specific groups (AgileService DeskTempo, Zephyr) as well as a general group Custom fields.
  • Gauge chart improvements – show only values or use another measure as a gauge limit.

  • Timeline chart improvements – show vertical lines for milestone dates.
  • Scatter and bubble chart improvements – show name labels.

  • Hide or show report frames in the dashboards.
  • View the status of background job queues in the system administration background jobs page, additional advanced settings for background job queues.
  • Send the failed import notification also to Jira user who is used for the Jira import (in addition to the eazyBI account owner).
  • Improvements for MDX date functions (DateInPeriod, StartDate, PreviousPeriods and others) to support Time dimension aggregated calculated members
    (the first and last dates are detected from the aggregated Time members).

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed saving of selected pages in published eazyBI gadgets on Jira dashboards or Confluence pages.

  • Fixed import of Sprint custom fields if some sprints are deleted.
  • Fixed that sometimes not all data labels were shown in charts.
  • Fixed scaling of the chart Y axis (drag-and-drop bottom or top of the Y axis).
  • Fixed execution of JavaScript custom code on a large number of issues.
  • Log failed SQL statements during Jira import.
  • Several fixes for MySQL version 5.7 (but still the stable MySQL versions 5.5 and 5.6 are recommended).
  • Fixed All users search (for system administrators) on MS SQL.
  • Support for Jira home directory using a Windows  \\server\share\directory_path UNC path.

3.2.2  /  Released Aug 4, 2015

New in this release:

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed clearing of custom field properties in eazyBI when clearing the custom field value in Jira.

  • Do not fail when importing Epic Link custom field only as a property.
  • Fixed REST API import from HTTPS sources.

3.2.1  /  Released Jul 20, 2015

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed eazyBI initialization failure on some Linux servers.

3.2.0  /  Released Jul 15, 2015

New in this release:

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed Jira Agile Sprint import when the sequence of sprints is changed after creation.

  • Fixed interval dimensions on MySQL 5.1.

  • Fixed checking the presence of Zephyr add-on when NewRelic Java agent is installed.
  • Fixed support for Oracle connection with the full TNS connection string.
  • Removed support for Jira Agile deprecated Global Rank custom field.
  • Fixes for dashboard export to PDF.
  • Fixed rendering of timeline chart with stacked areas.

3.1.1  /  Released May 18, 2015

New in this release:

  • Cube reports now store both the original creator (owner) and the last updated by user (shown in the Analyze tab detailed list).
  • Import any numeric custom field as an interval dimension (using advanced settings options).

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed adding of column date filter when there are several dimensions on columns.

  • Fixed checking the presence of Zephyr add-on (in some Jira instances was failing with an error).

  • Fixed handling of database connection pool after timeout of database connections.

  • Fixed changing of column data type in the source file, REST API or SQL source column mapping screen.

  • Fixed Jira import when very large remaining estimated hours changes are made.

  • Return full list of Issue sub-task keys and Issue open sub-task keys (previously was returning max 255 characters).

3.1.0  /  Released May 8, 2015

New in this release:

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed Zephyr import when using PostgreSQL or Oracle database.
  • Fixed import of Sprint custom field from Jira Agile version 6.7.

  • Fixed closing of help tip popups when Jira base URL contains additional prefix.
  • Fixed import of additional properties for Project dimension from files, REST API or SQL source.
  • Reduced maxQueryThreads advanced setting to 10 (to reduce impact of slow queries on overall Jira performance).
  • Fixed a problem that sometimes regular Jira imports were not performed.
  • Use local REST API base URL also for PDF exports with phantomjs.
  • Fixed Gantt chart export to PDF.
  • Export dimension member display names and not an internal keys to Excel.

3.0.0  /  Released Mar 30, 2015

New in this release:

  • Support for Jira Data Center.

  • Import Zephyr add-on test schedules and test execution results.

  • New Sub-task hierarchy for the Issue dimension that shows sub-tasks as children for the corresponding parent issues.
    If Jira Agile 
    Epic Link custom field is imported then also the Epic hierarchy is added for the Issue dimension.

  • Option to automatically refresh eazyBI gadgets in Jira dashboards or Confluence pages.

  • Select individual allowed actions in eazyBI gadgets (for example, drill or page selection).

  • Save page selection in eazyBI report and dashboard gadgets
    (the same eazyBI report or dashboard can be saved with a different page selection in different Jira dashboard or Confluence pages).
  • Switch charts to the table view in dashboards and gadgets
    (to see the numeric measure values that are used in the chart).
  • By default Nonempty rows option is selected when moving the Issue dimension to the Rows section
    (to limit that only issues which match page selection is shown on rows).
  • Improved Average age days calculated member performance.
  • New Issues last updated measure (based on issue last updated date).
  • Help tips with links to useful eazyBI documentation pages
    (will not be shown next time after a user closes the help tip).
  • Initial localization in French and German languages (disabled by default).

  • Active background jobs page for system administrators.
  • Import Email property for Reporter, Assignee, Logged by and Transition Author dimension members.

  • Specify a different local REST API base URL.
  • Improved performance of reports with multiple page selection.
  • Additional improvements for cancellation of long report queries after a timeout.

Fixed in this release:

  • Show additional hierarchy names in Drill across selection (e.g. for Issue or Time dimensions).
  • Fixed import of Excel files with empty rows.
  • Do not allow to select dimension members from different hierarchies.
  • Fixed font information in the chart export to PDF.
  • Fixed support for EnterpriseDB database.
  • Increased space for legend and axis labels in the datetime bar chart.

  • Increased plugin initialization request timeout to 2 minutes.

It is not recommended to use eazyBI versions 2.3.x or later with Jira versions 6.1.4, 6.1.5 and 6.1.6 due to the Jira bug JRA-36276.

2.3.4  /  Released Jan 22, 2015

New in this release:

  • Disable local REST API requests if Jira server configuration does not allow them.

  • Improved cancellation of long report queries after a timeout
    (previously some background threads continued to consume CPU after a timeout).

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed invalid hiding of calculated measures when using Hide empty
    (previously Open issues or Issues in transition statuses measures were hidden if in the corresponding Time period there was no activity recorded).
  • Do not show deleted Jira Agile boards in Sprint dimension hierarchy.
  • Fixed eazyBI gadgets in Confluence pages when Confluence and Jira have the same host name.
  • Fixed eazyBI gadget reloading in Confluence after getting an error response.
  • Fixed support for the latest nFeed version 5.2.
  • Do not fail when importing from Tempo Timesheets small amounts of seconds.

2.3.3  /  Released Jan 9, 2015

New in this release:

  • Improved color picker for conditional table cell formatting and for chart series which allows selection of custom colors.

  • Cell color formatting of table report results is exported to Excel.
  • Improved Google Spreadsheets source selection (at first a file selection should be made and then a sheet selection in the selected file).
  • Show an error in settings and troubleshooting pages if a REST API request to Jira Base URL cannot be made (which is necessary for Jira Agile and Tempo Timesheets import).

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed Time dimension Week level to have just one week member at the end and start of the year.
  • Improved performance of expanding Issue dimension detailed issues when filter conditions are used to return a limited set of issues.
  • Fixed loading of rhino.jar on Windows (to support custom JavaScript code in Jira import parameters).
  • Fixed Moscow time zone offset from UTC.

2.3.2  /  Released Dec 3, 2014

New in this release:

  • Added default Cumulative Story Points resolved and Story Points remaining measures for Jira Agile Sprint burn-down and burn-up charts.

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed import of Story Points change, Story Points history, Remaining estimated hours change and Remaining estimated hours history measures when analyzing by Sprint dimension.
  • Do not hide measure group if saved report has selected measures from this group.
  • Fixed mouse event processing on Windows 8.1 and Chrome browser (disabled detection of touch user interface).

2.3.1  /  Released Nov 25, 2014

New in this release:

  • Added Distinct issues count measure group.

  • Hide and show measure groups in Analyze tab report editor (now by default additional measure groups are hidden).

  • Tempo Account custom field is imported as "name (key)".

  • Import Tempo Team custom field if issues are assigned to teams.
  • Show SQL SELECT initial comment in Source Data list (can be used to describe what data are retrieved with this SQL SELECT).
  • Use TNS alias or full connection string for Oracle database connection.
  • Transition Author dimension is used also for Assignee and Sprint transitions history.

Fixed in this release:

  • Import Tempo Timesheets dimensions and measures also if no other custom fields are selected.
  • Fixed chart width calculation for timeline charts with many measures.
  • Fixed some eazyBI initialization issues.

2.3.0  /  Released Nov 7, 2014

New in this release:

  • Jira Agile Sprint dimension import improvements.

    Sprint dimension is reorganized in Board and Sprint levels. If you have any reports with saved Sprint selection then you will need to make a new Sprint dimension member selection from corresponding board.

    Sprint field changes are imported from issue changelog and several new measures can be used to track Sprint scope change.

  • Tempo Timesheets import – import Tempo billed hours measure and worklog checkbox attributes as additional dimensions.
  • Removed Transition Assignee dimension – now Issues status in history measure can be analyzed by standard Assignee dimension.
  • Support for Java 8 (which is default Java version for Jira 6.3 and later).

  • Save eazyBI database connection parameters in Jira home directory eazybi.toml file and not in Jira database (to avoid the problems when development or test Jira environments which are cloned from production have the same eazyBI database connection parameters).
  • Add custom JavaScript code that can be used to modify source data before import into eazyBI.
  • Improved preview of REST API source JSON data (expand/collapse JSON objects and arrays).

  • Improved layout of Jira import source selection page.

  • Reset dimension All member name to default (by saving empty All member name).
  • Show Ordered by toolbar button when order by columns are removed from a report.
  • Show last import date tooltip in a header of dashboard and gadget reports.
  • Optimized Drill through Issue performance when drilling into calculated measures.
  • Freeze header toolbar option for long table reports.
  • Add additional description for reports and dashboards.
  • Additional separate_table, csv_dimension and multiple_dimensions advanced settings options for custom field dimensions and measures.
  • Click Select all projects (and do not modify selection) in Jira import options and then new created projects will be added to import automatically.
  • When changing Issue date properties formatting (in Measures / Calculated members) it will not be reset back to default after Jira import.
  • Truncate dashboard and gadget report names to fit in report header.
  • Improved horizontal bar chart height calculation.
  • Added StringInCSV MDX function.

Fixed in this release:

  • Do not fail to import Jira Agile Sprint field from Jira Agile version 6.6.11 or later.
  • Support for new Account custom field type in Tempo Timesheets version 7.10.
  • Fixed import of UTF-8 characters when using MS SQL database.
  • Do not apply conditional cell formatting for Total or All others rows and columns.
  • Fixed new member creation in a Time dimension with modified Weekly hierarchy first week day.
  • Fixed saving of dashboard gadget initial height parameter.
  • Fixed display of Timeline chart date labels (previously could show previous day depending on the user browser time zone).
  • Do not fail when importing Cascading select custom field only as a property.
  • Fixed export to PDF from Jira dashboard gadgets.
  • Always use Jira Base URL to construct redirect URLs in case when Jira is behind front-end web proxy server.
  • Fixed reloading of expired eazyBI Atlassian Marketplace license (previously it was necessary to disable and re-enable eazyBI to reload the license).
  • Fixed getBoolean MDX function to return false if property value is missing.
  • Fixed retrieval of text properties from MS SQL database.

2.2.2  /  Released Sep 1, 2014

New in this release:

  • Display date columns in a horizontal bar chart with date-time axis.

  • Group labels of several row dimension members in a horizontal bar chart.
  • Change a marker symbol of a chart scatter or line series type.
  • Show dimension member keys instead of names in chart labels (e.g. issue key and not full or truncated summary).
  • Data labels option is always visible in chart series options (no need to enable Data labels toolbar button).
  • Specify the first day of the week for Time dimension Weekly hierarchy.
  • Export Drill through Issue results to Excel or CSV.

  • Disable report actions option for gadgets (do not allow any modification of the report published as a gadget)

  • Added DefaultContext MDX function.

Fixed in this release:

  • Wrap long dimension names in Analyze tab report designer.
  • Fixed deleting of dimensions of custom imported cubes.
  • Fixed disappearing cursor bug in a calculated member formula editor.
  • Fixed refreshing of dimensions section borders on Chrome after expanding a dimension in Analyze tab.
  • Fixed disabling of invalid calculated member formulas on Oracle.
  • Reporter, Assignee, Logged by dimension Groups property size increased from 255 to 2000.

2.2.1  /  Released Aug 1, 2014

New in this release:

  • New Drill through Issue option when clicking on table report cell or in chart results (allows also to open all issues in Jira Issue Navigator).

  • Define Fiscal hierarchy in Time dimension (from All hierarchy members section).

  • Customize data labels for pie chart (option to show also percentage).

  • Reset authorization for Jira import (change Jira username which will be used for import).
  • Support for new Rank custom field type.

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed display of chart data labels in Jira gadgets.
  • Improved performance of report queries on Oracle (increased prefetch rows setting for database connection).
  • Fixed export of report results with " in Jira issue summaries.
  • Use http.nonProxyHosts Java property when making REST API requests (specify for which hosts proxy server specified in http.proxyHost and http.proxyPort should not be used).

2.2.0  /  Released Jul 17, 2014

New in this release:

  • Conditional cell formatting (text and background color) in table reports.

  • Manually add Time dimension members for specified date range (from All hierarchy level members section).
  • Import additional data from Google Spreadsheets.

  • Custom property measures are added automatically when importing custom properties from additional data sources.
  • Change column, line and timeline chart height (start drag-and-drop from Y axis bottom).
  • Improved visual design of bar, line, pie and timeline charts.
  • Display date measures and date ranges in bar charts.
  • Additional countries for Map chart.
  • Weekly rotation of eazybi-web.log and eazybi-queues.log files and keeping of last 10 log files.
  • Reduced number of eazyBI database connections.
  • Added CurrentUserCurrentUserNameCurrentUserEmail, Key MDX functions.

  • Improved performance of getMemberByKey and getMembersByKeys MDX functions.

Fixed in this release:

  • Do not allow to delete users which are eazyBI account owners.
  • Fixed report export from gadget in Confluence page.
  • Fixed eazyBI initialization in Jira 6.x on Windows when short file names are disabled for NTFS drive.
  • Fixed issue on Windows that eazyBI was trying to access \tmp directory on Jira home directory drive.
  • Fixed link to eazyBI Source Data tab in email notification.
  • Fixed chart export to PDF from IE 8.
  • Fixed display of uploaded file size in MB.
  • Fixed "Sprint closed?" measure on Oracle.

2.1.0  /  Released May 28, 2014

New in this release:

  • New eazyBI Jira gadget option to allow report results export.

  • Export report results from gadget also when published on Confluence pages.

Note: eazyBI report gadgets are not yet available for Jira Cloud as Atlassian Connect framework does not yet support Jira dashboard gadgets from add-ons.

  • Option to show full non-truncated member names in chart legend and axis labels.
  • Change chart Y axis scale with drag-and-drop.
  • Specify custom format string for calculated members.
  • Option to skip missing dimension members when importing source files or REST API or SQL sources.
  • Improved performance of large table results display by incremental display of results when scrolling.
  • Improved calculation of total rows and columns (will show totals of dimension number properties).
  • Improved detection of updated issues during incremental eazyBI Jira import.
  • Added IsNumber, getMembersByKeys, getString, getNumber, getDate, getBoolean MDX functions.

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed calculation of Hours spent with sub-tasks measure after incremental eazyBI Jira import.
  • On MS SQL do not use sp_spaceused to determine table size when table does not yet exist.
  • Fixed decimal type detection in source file, REST API and SQL import (e.g. do not fail if all values are 0.0).
  • Ignore empty measures in timeline chart.
  • Fixed hiding of page selection and member action popups.
  • Open reports in new browser tab when clicking in eazyBI dashboard gadget.

  • Detect renamed project keys in eazyBI Jira import.

2.0.0  /  Released Apr 17, 2014

If you have upgraded eazyBI plugin from version 1.9.x to 2.0.0 then it is recommended to restart Jira server to release memory that was used by previous eazyBI version Java classes.

New in this release:

  • Import additional data from CSV or Excel files, or from REST API or SQL data sources.
    You can either upload additional measures or dimension properties in Jira Issues cube or also create separate eazyBI accounts and import any custom data sources and build eazyBI reports and charts using imported data. 

  • Send regular emails with eazyBI dashboards as PDF attachments.
    To use this feature you need to install PhantomJS to enable PDF export of dashboards.
  • Improved Jira import performance and improved reports performance for larger volumes of imported Jira issues.
  • Improved performance of non-empty crossjoin of several dimensions on rows.
  • Import custom numeric measure with multiple dates.
  • Additional JQL query option in Jira import to limit which issues should be imported.
  • Cancel running Jira import jobs.
  • Removed support for Jira 4.3 and 4.4.

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed PhantomJS usage on Windows for PDF export.

  • Fixed user picker custom field type import in Jira 6.x (to show display names of users).
  • Fixed Transition Assignee dimension import when usernames are changed in Jira 6.x.
  • Fixed search and bookmark in Fix Version and Affects Version dimensions on Oracle database.

1.9.5  /  Released Mar 05, 2014

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed plugin initialization failure when using Jira 6.2 on Windows

1.9.4  /  Released Jan 22, 2014

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed plugin initialization failure on some new installations

  • Fixed chart export to PDF and PNG when data contain Unicode characters
  • Remove invalid characters from Excel sheet name when exporting report results to Excel
  • Fixed deadlock error when loading report which might happen when using MySQL cluster

1.9.3  /  Released Dec 31, 2013

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed plugin initialization failure on Windows

1.9.2  /  Released Dec 29, 2013

New in this release:

  • Publish eazyBI dashboard page as Jira gadget (available both in Jira dashboards as well as in Confluence pages if trusted link with Jira is created)
  • Export report results from Jira gadget (similar to report result export from eazyBI Analyze and Dashboards pages)
  • Export and import dashboard definitions
  • Delete calculated member will show warning if calculated member is used in any reports or in any calculated member formulas
  • Delete report will show warning if report is used in eazyBI dashboard page
  • Disable calculated members with invalid formulas (could happen if they use some custom field dimension which is not imported anymore)
  • Specify non-default dimension hierarchy when defining calculated members (can be used in Time dimension with Weekly hierarchy)
  • Import custom field with comma separated values as multi-value eazyBI dimension (see example definition of calculated custom field)
  • Added warning when renaming All members
  • Added "disable" and "default" selection for "Data labels" chart option for individual measure

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed Jira import error "incompatible character encodings: US-ASCII and UTF-8" which could happen when importing issue data with Unicode characters

  • Try to connect to specified PostgreSQL database before trying to connect to default "postgres" database and creating new database

  • When using MySQL and Jira import fails with "Row size too large" then it will be possible to recover from this error by reducing number of selected custom fields
  • Jira import will log errors (and will not fail) when VertygoSLA custom field data cannot be imported

  • Fixed "cannot show Gantt chart" error even when using correct date columns
  • Report name uniqueness validation will be case insensitive

1.9.1  /  Released Nov 19, 2013

New in this release:

  • Add Total of rows or columns in reports
  • Additional (unresolved) member in Resolution dimension
  • New interactive maps for showing markers with latitude and longitude geographic coordinates
  • Table reports, Gantt charts and dashboard pages export to PDF using PhantomJS
  • Improved performance of default "Open issues", "Issues in transition status", "Remaining estimated hours history" calculated measures

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed bug that issue resolution date was used for issue closed date (which caused invalid Issues closed measure import)
  • Fixed Unicode characters support in report definition export and import

1.9.0  /  Released Nov 06, 2013

New in this release:

  • Export and import report definitions
  • Improved Analyze tab reports list using grid layout
  • Show just count of reports for each eazyBI account in Home tab
  • Show separately default and user defined calculated measures in report builder
  • Hide only empty rows or only empty columns in report builder
  • Additional Transition Author and Transition Assignee dimensions when importing issue status transitions
  • Fix Version and Affect Version dimension additional By name hierarchy
    (can be used if many projects use the same version names).
  • Import Fix Version and Affects Version start date property (starting from Jira 6.0)
  • Import Issue status updated date property
  • Import will create all Time dimension dates for active sprints
    (to be able to create sprint burn-down charts with all sprint dates)
  • Import missing issues during incremental report
    (e.g. when issues from external systems are imported into Jira with old created and updated dates that were previously skipped by eazyBI import)
  • Dash line option for line charts
  • Improved individual measure stacked option selection for stacked bar, line and timeline charts
  • Improved data label positioning in bar and line charts
  • System administrator can view eazybi-web.log and eazybi-queues.log file content from Troubleshooting page

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed eazyBI initialization errors on latest Java 7 versions
  • Fixed potential ORA-01795 error when importing many projects in Oracle
  • Fixed potential "buffer too small error" in Oracle STRAGG stored procedure
  • Fixed selection of separate axis in timeline chart
  • Do not show empty data points in timeline chart
  • Fixed timeline chart zoom out button in gadget view

1.8.2  /  Released Oct 08, 2013

  • Added support for Jira 6.1
  • Added Security Level dimension
  • Schedule regular daily import at specified time
  • Added DateMember and DateWithoutTime MDX functions
  • Avoid MySQL deadlock errors during Jira import
  • Avoid Oracle max open cursors error during Jira import
  • Fixed import of Sprint and Epic Link custom fields as properties
  • CSV and Excel exports will show date with time for date fields

1.8.1  /  Released Sep 16, 2013

  • Fixed import of worklog hours (Hours spent) with historical issue status in Transition Status dimension
  • Fixed import of free text custom fields when using Oracle database
  • Fixed import of nFeed plugin version 5.0.x custom fields

1.8.0  /  Released Sep 04, 2013

  • Improved performance of reports with complex calculated members.
  • Additional Reports admin and Dashboards viewer user roles.
  • Import custom number field value changes and custom date field old values.
  • Fixed Sprint dimension import from Jira Agile plugin (former GreenHopper) version 6.3.
  • Added support for version custom field type.
  • Use resolution date as closed date for imported issues without status changelog.
  • Added AnyDateInPeriod, StartDate, DateDiffWorkdays, DateAddWorkdays, ExtractString, NonZero MDX functions for calculated member formulas.
  • Do not allow import of custom fields with the same name.
  • Do no allow creation of calculated members with existing member or level names.
  • Improved iOS and Android mobile touch devices support (faster clicks, larger popups).
  • Fixed publishing of eazyBI report gadget on Confluence pages.
  • Bug fixes for chart export to PDF and PNG.
  • Bug fixes for plugin initialization on some Windows versions.

1.7.1  /  Released Jun 28, 2013

  • Fixed support for Jira base URL with prefix (e.g. /jira)

1.7.0  /  Released Jun 21, 2013

  • Brand new user interface design based on Atlassian Design Guidelines which are used also in latest Jira 6.0 version.
  • Redesigned top navigation bar for easier access to account and system administration pages.
  • Removed Import issue status and estimates daily snapshots history option. Issue status history can be imported using Import issue change history option, and estimated hours history can be imported using the new Import remaining estimated hours history option.
  • eazyBI report gadget height is dynamically adjusted to fit all report content.
  • Additional chart options for individual selected legend item (turn on/off stacked option, specify which separate axis to use).
  • Support for PostgreSQL SSL connection.
  • Support for MariaDB database (use MySQL connection settings).
  • Performance improvements of some Jira issues import steps on MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Support for nFeed plugin custom fields import (using advanced settings to specify which fields to import).
  • Fixed custom date field import as measure.


See changelog of older versions